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Congratulations on becoming pregnant

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Using a doula

Your pregnancy support person and birth companion

It is important to us that your memories from your pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period are happy, supported, proud and feelings of strength and joy. Your doula will support you as parents and your family through pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.

Some of the support a Doula can provide:

- establish the birth plan that is happiest and healthiest for your family

- help you understand what is happening in an unfamiliar/clinical time

- provide support to the partner and involve them in the process

- be your advocate when you are uncomfortable

- be an extra set of hands when your support is tired

- assist you in learning how to care for your baby

- help with house work or meal prep

- breastfeeding support

- assist you to regaining self confidence post labour

- inform you of the services to aid you with physical recovery

- care for baby so mother can care for herself​

Every family is different, as is every doula. We believe it is extremely important that you find the right doula for you.

Your Pregnancy, Your way

It is our aim for you to have a positive birth experience. We do this through empowering you with informational, practical and emotional support. We can not and will not predict or guarantee any outcome, but without judgement, we will support you to a positive birth experience.

We support your choices made between you and your health care professional and give you the tools to be an advocate for you and your baby's health. We promise to do so for all diverse situations and free from our agenda or judgement. We will be there to assist you from a home birth with your midwife to a birth requiring an Obstetric team and intervention. We want your memories of this time to be of support, joy and pride.



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As a father, grandfather and a paramedic I see that there is a great need for expectant mothers and new mothers needing assistance both physically and emotionally.


In my daughters experience neither were able to breast feed and ran into problems in our rural area with the local chemist not suppling bottles or milk formula as they only believed in breast feeding. This lead to feelings of inadequacy for them and the relentless pressure to breast-feed, which they could not do.

Often there is no ability for extended family to help during this time or you may be living away from them in another town.

For these reasons, I believe Do Love offer the ability to have assistance, support, and professional support to the soon to be or new mum.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of DoLove

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OUR VISION is to enhance the wellbeing for those pregnant or in early parenthood.

There is pressure from society to give birth "naturally," to breastfeed exclusively, and to be the perfect mother but this is not matched with adequate support for most. It is my aim to increase and improve support.

My background is in Paramedicine where I work on a frontline ambulance. I have attended many medical emergencies, some being child birth or pregnancy related concerns. I have seen people excited to enter a new chapter of life with the miracle new life they have created. I have also seen too often the ambulance being called because families did not have the information or empowerment to make the situation the most comfortable experience possible for themselves.

There is a gap in the emotional support surrounding this time.

I have seen strong friends, whom have suffered post-natal depression. Childbirth although a very natural process, can be overwhelming. I see the need for advocacy for better mental health surrounding pregnancy and the first months with your baby.

By improving the mental health of parents we are aiming to have happy and healthy beginnings for babies to grow into good people.

I envision all family frameworks being able to make use of our Doula services from single parents, international parents, young parents, gay parents, surrogate mothers and parents with already busy families. 

I desire to pair you with a Doula who is a good match with you and your support people. Use the contact section so I can know a bit more about you; I will give you a call.

Love, Do Love (Kate)


Alternatively contact email is

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