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Another ambulance story

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

I, as a paramedic delivered a baby, doulas do not deliver babies.

I was met at the door by a women yelling through a contraction that I must take her to hospital. It did not take long to realise she wanted to push and it eventuated we had 2 minutes to gather her medical history, her pregnancy history and yet make her reassured and as comfortable as she could be.

She adopted the position of comfort for her which was standing in the lounge room just 3 metres from the door we entered the house through. We put down blankets and towels. I held the mother upright while she squatted into the urge to push baby out. My crew partner delivered baby and dried and warmed her.

The time was so short to make this any more comfortable, I wish her partner was supporting her rather than stressed and on the phone to the midwife claiming we will not take her to hospital. Which you can see how "she will not make it to hospital before baby arrives" can be mistaken for disregard.

I am truly sorry to her partner we were dismissive as we were trying to do the best healthcare we could.

I wish I had a extra set of hands there to do the emotional support role.... oh wait a doula would be perfect.

So we warmed baby and dad cut the cord. Mum has not yet delivered her placenta and wishes for dad to hold baby on the drive to hospital.

On arrival to hospital when we have to complete paperwork and get back to our truck promptly for the next call. I notice the midwife quickly checks baby and ascertains baby is well. She places baby on the warming bench and instructs the new father to stay with baby. Mum is now moved from the ambulance stretcher to hospital bed, begins to deliver her placenta with discomfort. You can see dad is torn... he so wants to be with his wife whom he has had a bond with for years. He loves this baby and knows his responsibility to it but does not yet have that bond. He is torn.

I believe the midwife did this as she is just one person and now had to concentrate on the placenta and checking the mothers health, as that is what was immediately happening on our arrival. A doula would prompt you here to ask if it is ok to do skin to skin while that occurs, now you are no longer in an unstable rocking ambulance. A doula would help you to use your voice and ask if you can hold baby while you hold your wife's hand. Your Doula could stay with baby while you support your wife or vise versa. They will help you not feel uncomfortable, which I could see from the look on your face. The role of a birth doula is often being present to have a familiar person throughout the continuation of your labour.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcPPCmTEa-8 watch from 21:40 to 22:30. This will show you a little snippet of why a doula is present, they know what you want. A midwife may have another three ladies down the hospital corridor but as you can see in this clip, they want what is best for you too and will give you guidance. What a beautiful team dynamic and everyone is there for you, your partner and your new baby.



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