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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

My name is Kate (the founder of DoLove) and you may be wondering why I picked this name.

Well the truth is I am an Ambulance officer and I see the extremes. I see raw emotions of joy, fear, anger, disbelief, sorrow and many more. I wanted to do my bit towards improving NZ's poor depression rates.

I enter all sorts of houses as you can imagine. Low-socio economic houses with the happiest children and parents showing love, rich houses with broken families, low socio economic families who can not break the drug addiction and it is passed generation to generation. I have seen so many variables to the way people live their lives.

I truly believe in 'a supported start in life' being a good foundation to a healthy life. I believe if you Do Love and pass it from generation to generation, that is a huge step in the right direction for the mental health of NZ.

But, yes there is always a but. But if your cup is empty how will you nourish anyone else? I felt this was an area that needed power in numbers. I believe a little person should be raised by a community. Why not have someone on your team that knows the medical stuff enough to explain to you the common trends and empowers you to ask and know more about your health. Why not have someone on your team that has seen this all before and can guide you through the unfamiliar territory. Why not have someone on your team who is dedicated to being aware of you and 'your comfortable'. You may have given birth before but babies come when and how they want to; you may not be ready for the birth that is ahead of you.

A doula does not replace the need for a healthcare professional that be an obstetrician or midwife. Your healthcare professional entered the work they do because they love sharing in your journey also. Primarily they need to be focused on your healthcare and that is what you want; the best healthcare possible.

A doula does not replace your pre-existing support structure. They assist you on how to best use your support team, how to accept help and what is useful and when. Your support team may also want to be in the journey rather than thinking about tasks. Your support person may get anxious seeing you in discomfort and you don't need to be comforting them at this time... you are busy birthing. A doula will assist you on how best to communicate with your healthcare professional.

So DoLove because Love is an important element in every living beings life.


There are so many ways to birth a baby and all are correct as long as you are comfortable and in control of your decision. Head over to our instagram to see some amazing women and their birth stories @dolovenz.


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