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Invest and get a doula!

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

We want you to have your best birth experience. Take it from us the extra support is great!

My name is Kate the founder of DoLove, I'm a frontline Paramedic (I work on the ambulance). Just two weeks ago I delivered a baby at the mother's home. Gestation was in the 39th week, labour felt as if it had started, so she called her midwife and partner. Her partner was at work and took 2 hours to return home. We arrive as the midwife advised to call an ambulance after the delay. I arrive and I determined we have no time to get to hospital as she had planned.

Let us make this the most comfortable an uncomfortable situation can be. She birthed the way she elected instinctively on all fours. Her partner and other child were present. She used pain relief when she felt it necessary. She knew information from her scan when asked by the medics. Her partner cut the cord once it had stopped pulsating.

We had no pre arranged plan to follow in this case but tried to make an uncomfortable situation feel safe and supported.

Your healthcare provider wants the best for you!

Unfortunately this was not the most ideal situation. Her partner did not immediately attend hospital and she was being stitched up by the midwife without support. She was left to feel exhausted but responsible for nurturing her newborn.

An extra person can assist you to hold your baby on you for skin to skin or breastfeed if these are your wishes. They can be your support while labour is not complete (placenta delivery, uterus contracting and potentially tear repair). The additional person can reaffirm your fantastic achievement and now nourish you. Your doula can facilitate your family to have skin to skin quite time.

The extra person at the birth could have told the medic what some of your wishes are while you were having contractions.

Your partner is your left hand help and your doula is your right hand help. You need to be nurtured into your new role (Mother and partner). Post birth is always going to be a new role even if you are already a mother, you are now a mother to multiple. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

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